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Music as tool of social transformation: Integration, overcoming and participation of children through a unique project.

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That all the students and families have the opportunity to attend an educative concert, an opera or a ballet at least once a year.

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That we have to our reach all the information exceeds what it happens in the world of music for students and families in the city.

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Coralson knows
More than 45,000 students they have participated: Seville, Cadiz, Catalonia, Salamanca, Caracas, Mexico, Mainz, Bremen, Brussels€¦

Edition in Andalusia
Children protagonists


The work, the illusion and the collaboration of very many people who, of disinterested form, work by the education and a change in the society Andalusian. We really want people to know, that is why we are using vps hosting services. You can use any kind of hosting that you want. If you want something that supports MySQL, then use plans that support that. Or if you want your web to be the only one hosted in a server, then you can go for cheap dedicated servers hosting.

Our mission is to give to the society an educative project of maximum quality

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